To Dr. G. Smith and Staff.

Great accomplishments always live up to the maxim - "by their work ye shall know them," Dr. Smith has indeed done artistic work on us. Every nose is in perfect harmony with the varying shapes of our faces, even to the character of the said person be it angelic or aggressive. We thank God for Dr. Smith and his wonderful helpers.

The Petroni Family Atlantic Beach, Florida

I am very happy with the result from my face neck lift and can not believe the result I achieved. The procedure also jump started my self- esteem and I started to watch my weight and eat right. My body and face have been totally transformed. I can't thank Dr. Smith and his staff enough for their care and attention

L. Stevenson, Miami, FL

Thanks to Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff, I have my youthful breasts back and that flat stomach that I had before my three children. I really appreciate him restoring my body so I am not embarrassed to wear cute dresses and swimsuits again. I feel so much more confident now in my clothes and everything fits! His staff is the best. They made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Dr. C. Sorel, Saratoga Springs, NY