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A youthful face is made up of the harmony of many parts. As age takes its toll, procedures such as aMini (Weekend) Facelift,Face/Neck Lift, or Forehead(Brow) Lift may be offered to combat sagging skin. In other patients, facial implants may be more appropriate to fill out contours that have lost volume with age. Finally, Skin Rejuvenation
must be addressed whether it be as simple as good Skin Care Products, Light Facial Peels or Laser Skin Resurfacing or Botox®. Browse our Photo Gallery to see the difference facial rejuvenation can make.

  Liposuction is still one   of  the most popular   cosmetic surgery   procedures twenty     years after its   introduction to the   American medical   community by Dr. Yves   Gerard Illouz of Paris.   The technique has   been  improved over   the years  to the point   that it is  routinely performed as an in office surgery procedure with minimal recovery time before resuming normal daily activities. For patients who have body changes associated with pregnancy, procedures such as mini or full tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) may be offered to remove excess skin, stretch marks and to tighten weakened abdominal muscles.

  Breast enhancement   procedures have   continued to grow in   popularity over the   years and now have   a 97% satisfaction   rate according to   recent studies. Many   women are unhappy   with their small   breast size since it   limits their ability to   wear the clothes   they like and   diminishes their   self-esteem. Others   have lost breast   mass due to the unfavorable changes associated with pregnancy and breast-feeding. Whatever the motivation, Breast Augmentation can restore your confidence. Breast Lift and Breast Reduction are also offered to those who require more detailed breast reshaping.

  A new generation of Facial   Fillers makes Augmentation of   the Lips, Cheek Folds and   Wrinkles of the face simple   and  long lasting. Whether   Temporary fillers or   Permanent  fillers are used,   the patient  and doctor will   work together  to identify the   areas of concern  and   customize a facial filler   program that will work for   you.  Most procedures take   only a  half hour to complete and have  little to no recovery time. When combined with Botox® for wrinkle reduction, facial fillers can greatly slow the facial aging process and make you appear more youthful.